Baratang Island

It is a day trip destination from Port Blair famous for its limestone caves, mud volcanoes, mangrove creeks. It is located between the middle and South Andaman district and is the first gateway to North Andaman district. If one taking a road trip to Baratang one needs to be ready by 3 am to start their journey as the road that reach this place is Andaman Trunk road that is under the rules and regulations of Government. While doing a road trip one will come across the jungle and after reaching the Jirkatang check post, the vehicles will stop. From here when the vehicle proceeds further to cross the check post, the vehicles will be allowed to go in a group of 7-10 vehicles at a time. A couple of security personnel will board the front and back vehicles (with rifles) for the safety of both travellers and the tribes. After reaching to Nilambur jetty you will be transferred to vehicle ferry that will go to Baratang Island. Once reach Baratang the nature wonders of stalactites and stalagmites limestone caves and mud volcanoes will give you a different experience in your beach destination trip.

The limestone caves are a marvel to behold, adorned with stunning stalactites hanging from the ceilings and stalagmites rising from the cave floors, shaped over thousands of years by mineral-rich water droplets. Inside these caves, one feels like entering an underground wonderland of mystical beauty. Another mesmerizing spectacle is the mud volcanoes, where natural gases and minerals create bubbling mud formations that create an otherworldly landscape. Watching the mud volcanoes erupt and ooze warm mud is a unique experience that adds to the island's charm. Baratang Island offers a rare opportunity to witness nature's artistry at its finest, leaving visitors in awe of the extraordinary beauty found within the heart of the Andaman Islands.

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